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Dr. Peng Wang, The Localization Institute/University of Ottawa

Dr. Peng Wang has been teaching, researching and practicing localization in three continents. She is an instructor at The Localization Institute, a part-time professor for the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Ottawa and a conference interpreter with the Translation Bureau of the Canadian government. Before that, she was a CAT Tools Coordinator at the Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation at the University of Maryland. She has chaired the automation/AI track for LocWorldWide conferences since 2020. Her current research interests include human learning vs. machine learning, machine translation risk management, terminology and multilingual data analysis. Dr. Wang began conducting corpus-based translation studies at the University of Liverpool and later she worked in the Corpus Research Lab at the Northern Arizona University. She has a rich experience of teaching multilingual classes, with students aged from 18 to over 70, in over 10 language combinations, coming from UAE, China, Italy, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico, and Haiti, to name just a few. She is an expert in approaching technology in the context of culture and humanities.

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Steering Committee

Dr. Belén Agulló García, VP of Learning @ Nimdzi Insights

Belén is a compulsive lifelong learner. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies, an MA in Audiovisual Translation, and a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies. But her experience in the localization industry goes beyond the theory. Belén has worked in the game localization industry for more than 5 years in different positions (PM, training specialist, marketing strategist and copywriter, translation manager, and quality and innovation director). She combined her years in this industry with her true calling: training others. She has been teaching game localization and subtitling technologies in several MA programs and workshops in Spain, UK, and France for more than 5 years now. As a continuous learner and a passionate trainer, Belén now leads the Nimdzi’s eLearning program with a Design Thinking approach aimed at providing the best learning experience to Nimdzi Partners. As an academic with hands-on experience in the media industry, she thoroughly leads the research for the media localization landscape. Apart from all the studying and work, Belén loves binge-watching a good show with good company and cares about the environment and animal welfare. 

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Jan Grodecki, RWS/University of Washington

Jan Grodecki has experienced localization from different angles and in various roles, from work on the client side as developer, localization engineer and project manager to the localization supplier side in his current role as senior solutions architect at RWS. This knowledge enables him to advise partners in their decisions on localization strategies, technology and processes. Jan has a passion for education. He has been teaching localization engineering and project management since 2004 at the University of Washington.

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Ulrich Henes, Principal of LocWorld

Ulrich Henes is the founder and president of The Localization Institute, a Madison, Wisconsin-based consulting and event organizing company. Already in his early years, Ulrich was fascinated by language, cultural differences, and global business. He spent the first decade of his career organizing international campaigns against the arms race and apartheid; and promoting global social justice. For the past 25 years Ulrich has channeled his passion for all things global into promoting awareness and respect for differences among people, countries, and languages in the international business community.

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