EDUinLOC – Localization Curriculum


This is a standard curriculum for education in localization. The topics were compiled from existing courses and from the input of educators. The list items are categorized by skill level and job role. 

This standardized curriculum is a recommendation and was approved by the EDUinLOC advisory board.

Definitions, Localization Jobs

LPMLocalization Project ManagerA project manager working in localization, either on client side or at an LSP
IPMInternational Project ManagerOften describing the same role as LPM
Loc EngLocalization EngineerAn engineer role specialized in localization
LSPLocalization Service ProviderA supplier company providing localization services

Skill Levels


This covers the topics everyone working in localization, or in a related area like development or content creation should know.


Anybody who’s main focuses in localization

Different areas

Many of these skills are directly related to job descriptions of positions in localization


These are areas for localization professionals in a specific field.

Most of the skills are part of localization engineering


Localization Concepts

General topics relevant to anybody working in localization or a related field

Localization Engineering

Technical concepts, tools, processes, and technology

Localization Project Management

General project management relevant to Localization Project Managers

Soft Skills

General skills required to successfully work in various fields of localization. These are not specific to localization, but essential to most positions in localization.


The curriculum is a dynamic list and will frequently be updated.

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